2018 Reflection and Thank You’s

With the final whistle of 2018 last night, today has been a day of reflection for me in my personal and work life. 2018 has seen the, South African, construction industry turned into a graveyard with the demise of once mighty construction companies and many smaller ones.

Rates cut to bone in an uneasy inflation environment and many projects put on hold or held back to due the political uncertainty. As seen this past year, things can go south very quickly and for me it is a very genuine reminder that we cannot become arrogant or take credit for any level of success achieved no matter how big or small.

Superstruct have enjoyed a year of tremendous growth, far exceeding my wildest expectations. We have experienced such, an almost, unmerited level of favour from developers, professionals, contractors and suppliers alike, that so much of what Superstruct has achieved is attributed to the support around us.

Linkedin does not allow enough characters to mention everyone but I just need to mention three people inside Superstruct whom have really made “magic” Hanrich Vreken, Steven Theron and Nargis Khan, you guys are amazing individuals. Thank you for allowing me to be your teammate. Looking forward to seeing everyone in 2019!