Our Solutions

Wall Panels

Precast concrete wall panels have now replaced conventional brick or block-work. This has now become the superior quality construction standard and through the application of the latest innovative technologies it has been a proven cost and time saving for clients. 

Our precast retaining walls provide higher flexibility, accuracy, quality and speed of delivery, while maintaining competitive pricing. 

We can provide temporary retaining solutions which can be moved at a later stage and is especially useful for projects where expansion is part of the planing. We also provide, permanent cast into position, cantilever retaining walls which provides other cost-saving benefits.

  •  Structural and aesthetic freedom
  • Provides a no to zero maintenance surface like brickwork but more aesthetically pleasing
  • Inherently damp resistant
  • Can be used as structural or non-structural elements
  • Simplifies the construction process
  • Provides an added perception of value


Reinforced concrete columns have been the preferred norm in the construction industry but comes with its challenges. Our precast columns eliminates those challenges which enables us to deliver superior quality product for the client.

  • Expedited construction period
  • Competitive pricing
  • Superior quality product
  • Able to accurately manufacture taller columns than conventional methods

Boundary Walls

Solid reinforced concrete boundary walls are few and far between due to the high cost compared to your conventional facebrick, plastered or stop-nonsense walls. However we have a innovative precast concrete walling solution which provide clients with superior quality, safety, durability, privacy and low maintenance at more affordable prices for the first time.

Benefits of our boundary walls are:

  • Quick installation
  • Clean installation and construction
  • Superior quality
  • Low to zero maintenance
  • Stronger walls
  • Height limit of an unbelievable 8 meters
  • Offer any one-sided patterned finish imaginable
  • Inherently damp resistant
  • Structural and aesthetic freedom
  • An added perception of value
  • Can also be designed to act as a retaining wall

Retaining Walls

Reinforced concrete retaining walls have proven their worth in retaining high loads but also where space is limited.

Beams, Trusses, Box Gutters

Concrete beams, box gutters and trusses have been very expensive in the past, with most developers going the structural steel route. However with our innovative thinking and superior quality control we are able to deliver custom-made beams, box gutters and trusses for each clients individual needs.

Feature Elements

Concrete feature elements are notoriously costly and time-consuming on any construction project.

We are able to produce feature elements which are ether non-structural or structural.

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